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How to Create a "Betty Pinned" Braided Hair Do

Kurt Lohse

Posted on August 27 2018

How to Create a "Betty Pinned" Braided Hair Do

If you've ever seen a really cute pinned upbraid style on Instagram and wondered, can I pull this off? Well, this tutorial is designed for you! Yes, you can, and I will show you how in this simple step-by-step tutorial.

Bohemian braids and twists have influenced many of my favorite looks over the years. I absolutely love the carefree and messy vibes they give off because they have such a peaceful elegance to them. This tutorial will help you create this stylish look for your next evening out or really any occasion. Follow this tutorial below to learn how to make all the simple twists, tucks, and pins using Betty Pins up top with a couple of Bobby pins below to hold the base.

Start with a loose wave – created by an inch barrel roller - and then secure a flat sectioned from over the top of the head with two bobby pins in a small  V shape shown here. Remember to always insert your bobby pins with the wavy side down so they stay in more securely.

Take half of the hair and pin it with bobby pins in an X with the ridged side facing down.


Grab about an inch of hair above your ear and braid a 3 strand braid.


Pull this braid apart for a fuller, looser look.


 Grab the tail end and pull to loosen the braid.


Then pin pieces that you want to keep secure and stay loose and pin it using a Betty Pin (in this case a Dancer Betty Pin) around the head over the top of the Bobby Pin. You can use as many as you like so it won't fall out, but even 2-3 Betty Pins should do the trick.


Finish the look off with some hairspray to reduce flyaways and a light tease to add a little body.


Thanks to our model, Teagan Lohse, and thank you for reading!

And remember, Live it up! Keep it up!

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