The hair pin that stays in.

About Betty Pin

The reason we are in business is simple: innovation. We believe creativity and simplicity can solve most problems in life.  We look for ideas that will help people look their best by creating products that save time and add value. We applied this thinking to the world of hairdressing and happened to invent some hairpins that dramatically improve the holding power of a hair staple that was invented over 200 year ago. Our new hair pins work incredibly well, save hair dressers’ time, and won’t break the bank. When you try them, we’re confident you will like them as much as we do.

Betty Pins were created by professional hair dresser, Colleen Lohse, who designed a better hairpin with superior holding power during her 35 year career as a hair dresser in Southern California. Characterized by unique and precisely placed bends that provide varying degrees added holding power, the Betty Pin premium hair pin line up offers 2 basic shapes and come in multiple colors to best meet the needs of modern hair stylists. Additionally, Betty Pins are made from carbon steel, use premium, rust-preventing coatings, and each pin type comes in varied lengths to accommodate a wide variety of hair thickness.

Our head hair pro and CEO , Colleen Lohse, invented the Betty Pin organically as part of her daily styling needs. Colleen found that taking the extra time needed to bend regular hairpins in unique shapes would add hours of holding power to her hair dos. This custom bending was very time consuming and somewhat painful, but it allowed brides and their wedding parties to dance the night away and worry less about their hair knowing their hair styles would stay in all night and keep them focused on having fun.

In 2017 Colleen and her husband Kurt decided to make a company out of Colleen’s hair pin innovation by automating the manufacturing the bends needed and make them commercially available at an affordable price. We actively strive to build a sustainable, environmentally friendly business that works to benefit the communities we serve by providing the best possible products at the best possible price. We hope you enjoy our products and continue to support simple innovation whenever and wherever you see it in your lives.

Betty Pin is licensed trademark, and the Betty Pin designs are patented (U.S. Patent No. 9,974,372).