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How-to Up-do: Half-up Double Braid Bun using Betty Pins

Colleen Lohse

Posted on September 05 2020

How-to Up-do: Half-up Double Braid Bun using Betty Pins

Sometimes you just want to spice up a simple half-up bun hairstyle for the weekend, right? What better way to add a little flare than add a couple of braids to make a pretty new style come to life.

In this blog post, I will show you how easy it is to add a couple of braids to your half-up bun for a fresh new look. And of course, when you use Betty Pins, this look will stay in all day no matter how active you are.

The first thing you want to do is create your part in the middle of the head and then create an even, fairly loose braid. 

Start from the top of the forehead and make a simple 3 strand braid up until about the center back of the top of the head and tie off with a simple hairband or tangle-free rubber band. Don't worry about making these braids too perfect. A loose braid look will pair better with a messy top bun! 

Go ahead and make your second braid on the other side of the part at the same length. The pair of braids should look like this:

Next, use the tail end of both braid tails and wrap them together in a bun. Use a couple of Betty Pins (Dancer or Rocker type) and insert them at the front, sides, and back of the base of the bun. Remember the technique is insert halfway in from a steep angle toward the scalp, then push the end you are holding down so that it is parallel to the scalp and then insert the pin the rest of the way in.

The end result should be a quick and easy way to add a fresh new look to your everyday hairstyle options.

Thanks as always to our Betty Pin hair model extraordinaire, Teagan Lohse!

Check back soon for more hairstyles and hairdressing tips from Betty Pin.

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