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How to Create a Quick & Easy Loose Bun Using Betty Pin Dancer Hairpins

Kurt Lohse

Posted on August 27 2018

How to Create a Quick & Easy Loose Bun Using Betty Pin Dancer Hairpins


One of the most requested hairdressing lessons my friends have asked me over the years is how to make a quick and easy "loose looking" bun that looks amazing, stays in place all day, and doesn't take a hundred hairpins to secure in place.

The request should have been easy to demonstrate, but I have to admit before I invented Betty Pins, I had a top-secret trade secret to protect: the custom fish-hook bent hairpin!

I used hand-bend this simple "one bent arm" shape from standard u-shaped hairpins to pull these buns off quickly, but now I can share just how easy and awesome this style is using Betty Pins. In this case, we are using the 2" Betty Pin "Dancer" which is the one-bend design ideally suited for this quick and easy style.

 First, you start by brushing the hair into a nice even ponytail.


Next, use a ponytail holder or hairband to secure the ponytail high on the back of the head.


Gently pull even sections of the hair on top of the head to create a loose fit on the head.



Next, pull up on the tail d of the ponytail and twist evenly.


Wrap the twisted tail in a circular bun-shape around the hairband and place your index finger on top of the bun to hold the bun before you insert the pins. 


With your free hand, grab your Betty Pin and place it toward the front of the bun. As with normal u-shaped hairpins, the technique is a bit of insert, push down, push in, and weave and wiggle - rather than a simple slide.

You start by inserting the pin through the outer edge of the bun, heading away from the center of the bun. Don’t snag too much hair or you’ll have trouble with the last bit of insertion.

Push the end of the pin you are holding downwards, bringing the length of the pin down to run parallel to the scalp. Insert the length of the pin further into the bun, giving it a bit of a wiggle as you do so.


Wiggle the pin into the center of the bun. Don't try too hard, because it is ok (and even looks better) to have a few imperfections on a loose hairstyle.

Voila! You have a bun!

If you want to keep the stragglers down and hold down a fly-away or two, spray a little bit of hairspray to lock it all in.


Voila! You have a beautifully natural-looking loose bun that will look beautiful all day! A simple every-day style to look elegant and stay comfortable on hot days.

As I’m sure you can imagine, the possibilities for Betty Pin professional hairpins are endless! Stay tuned for more hairpin updos ideas for every occasion.

And special thanks to my lovely model & daughter, Teagan. Thank you for being so patient!



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